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Billy Judge Baldus


"Chandelier" music video featured article on popular site Hooping.org...

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Billy Judge Baldus


"At The Beach" wins music video of the year!

Uncle Larry's music video "At The Beach" won music video of the year at the Radio Milwaukee Music Awards....

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Billy Judge Baldus


"The Wonderfully Weird Uncle Larry" Documents Unknown posts an article about UL!

By Eric North | From Documents Unknown

If Les Claypool played the electric guitar, his name would be Billy Judge Baldus, and his band would be Uncle Larry.

Hailing from our own sweet well water, Milwaukee's Uncle Larry backhands your senses and boxes your ears with their unique brand of alternative rock and roll....

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Billy Judge Baldus


Billy Judge Baldus included in list of 100 Hottest Milwaukeeans!

OnMilwaukee.com released a list of the 100 Hottest Milwaukeeans and Billy Judge Baldus of Uncle Larry was included in the list. Thanks to alphabetical order Billy Judge Baldus was number 4 on the list.

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UL featured in very first episode of new 91.7 WMSE radio series!

On Monday, June 21st, at 2pm Discovery World and 91.7 WMSE partnered up for the first of a series of live concert broadcasts from Discovery World's state of the art recording and video studio.

Uncle Larry was featured in the very fist episode of this new series!

UL, dressed to impress, rocked out seven of their songs in the spacious video studio, they even brought one of their famous mango trees to make the video studio feel just like home!

Two songs were played from UL's first album "Battery Acid Style" and "What Was That You Said?".

Four songs were played from UL's second album; "I Will Give You My Heart", "Used Things", "The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar" and "See Rock City Rock".

One song that was played, "At The Beach", is going to be on Uncle Larry's upcoming third album.

Listen to the 91.7 WMSE's podcast of the show >>

*The podcast is three hours long. Uncle Larry's show is two hours into the podcast.



From OnMilwaukee.com

Uncle Larry nabs video awards

By Molly Snyder

Uncle Larry, a grunge/pop/punk band that’s a friend of OnMilwaukee.com’s, won both awards at the Milwaukee Mad March Music Mini-Movie festival for their video, "The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar."

The festival was held at the Eisner Museum on Wednesday, March 24.

Twenty videos competed for the two awards. The Audience Choice includes $200 and an electric guitar and the Judge Choice includes $500 and eight hours of recording time at Fly Studios in Milwaukee.

Plus, the winning short will automatically get entered into the juried competition for "Best Film" in the 12th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival to be held in October 2010. The winning team will receive all-access passes to the festival.

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Uncle Larry
Uncle Larry at Summerfest

From Shepherd Express Newspaper...

Uncle Larry & Big Fun 4Ever & Cafe LuLu

By Tea Krulos

On Halloween, the stage of Café LuLu was decorated like the parlor of a haunted house and vampire classic Nosferatu was projected onto the wall in the background. A Grim Reaper was working on setting up the soundboard.

Big Fun 4Ever took the stage first, pumping their dance-machine electronica. Frontwoman India Lathon sang in a strong but calm voice, bathed in red light. She was wearing sunglasses with a giant black bar on the front of them, censoring her identity, and a black and white striped shirt. That and the swirling sound gave the singer the look of '60s hypnotherapy. The rest of the band worked carefully on a variety of keyboards, a laptop, tambourines and guitar.

The crowd quickly caught the beat and soon a sexy witch and a sexy janitor were getting down, along with Cruella de Vil and one of her Dalmatians.

The trio of Uncle Larry, dressed as pirate deckhands, followed. The band played a manic, thrashing set. They have a '90s grunge sound, like The Melvins or Nirvana, mixed with some more eccentric sounds like They Might Be Giants or Talking Heads.

Pikachu, Jason Voorhees and a sexy hobo were all into it.

Toward the end of their set they were joined by the “Live Undead Mermaids,” a quartet of black spandex and skull bra-clad ladies who first attacked the band, ripping their shirts, and then gyrated along, dancing with hula hoops glowing with LED lights.

The set ended with an amped-up version of Talking Heads' “Psycho Killer.” Guitarist and vocalist Billy Judge Baldus jumped off the stage to shred part of the song, as the mermaids enclosed him in a cage of glowing hula hoops. After a couple of jumps off the amplifiers by Baldus, the set was over.

The mermaids led the costumed crowd in a dance party, sharing their hoops with a killer tomato and Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

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Uncle Larry at Summerfest

Editors stumble upon a high noon rock show at Summerfest...

The editorial staff of OnMilwaukee.com fanned out around the Summerfest grounds for a for a live blog of opening day and they happened to come across a show by a Milwaukee band called Uncle Larry.

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The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar

Fan-Belt.com reviews "The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar"…

Review: "Life & Times of Frederick Caesar," Uncle Larry
By fanbelt

Review by Adam Lovinus

Uncle Larry doles out stripped-down '90s grunge irreverence on their second LP, sounding like a gooey menage-a-trios between Kurt Cobain, Rivers Cuomo and Stephen Malkmus. A self-recorded lesson in attaining the right balance between DIY and studio polish, the record plays loose (sloppy at times) but brutal, the tones and frequencies sparkling throughout. Perhaps the most redeeming asset is guitar/vocalist Billy Judge Baldus' vintage guitar tone — particularly the dirty tremolo he uses on the title track and “I Will Give You My Heart,” along with the crunchy riffing on “Your Lovely Auto Icon” that cribs Wowee Zowee -era Pavement to great effect. The opening track “Fertilizer” is a pure grunge stomper, and the standout track on the album.

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Uncle Larry rock'n at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Not so confined in the small studio of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee…

Uncle Larry rocks 88Nine Radio Milwaukee!

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Buried in their collection of vinyl, UL digs through with a milestone performance on 91.7 WMSE, Milwaukee!

Check out a video of Uncle Larry's performance >>

Article about UL on Fan-Belt music bolg...

Meet Uncle Larry
by fanbelt

Unlce Larry is a cool blend of grunge from the the early 90's and mid-90's power-pop, with song subjects dedicated to the likes of Bella's Fat Cat, Battery Acid and “Samurai-style” composition. This might have been what the Seattle grunge scene would've sounded like if people weren't shooting their weight in heroin.

MP3 “See The Rock City Rock,” Uncle Larry

Uncle Larry plays 9 p.m. Thursday, December 4 at the BBC Upper Level with Wally Dogger (CHI) and The Andes.
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