The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar
The Life & Times
of Frederick Caesar
The Life &
Times of
I Will Give You
My Heart
Your Lovely
Waste Paper
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Head Louse
Paisley Covered
Used Things
Meat Pie
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Waste Paper Baskets
A picnic, a trash bag and the smell of paint thinner.
i do like the shade
of the carpet laying there
who are those people
on my balcony

suddenly and surprisingly
the telephone rings by my foot
i'll take the trash out to the garbage
then i'll see you at twelve o' clock

is this a picnic
is this a trash bag
is this a can of chemicals
no fun and games here
it's strickly business
waste paper baskets

since i am right here
i guess i can help you
it must have been what i ate
it must have been what i drank

smelling the smell of paint thinner
and cigarette smoke in the air
how did i end up with this gig
an unwarranted volunteer
produced by:
Uncle Larry

recorded by:
Billy Judge Baldus & Garrick Malachi Karpinski at Grinnell Studios

mixed by:
Daniel Williams at Alpha/Omega Recording LLC

mastered by:
Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions

© 2009
  written by:
Billy Judge Baldus

guitar & vocals by:
Billy Judge Baldus

bass by:
Shane Frederick Wagner

drums by:
Garrick Malachi Karpinski

backup vocals by:
Anna Stone & Barb Ignatiev

appears on:
The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar
Uncle Larry
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Uncle Larry
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