The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar
The Life & Times
of Frederick Caesar
The Life &
Times of
I Will Give You
My Heart
Your Lovely
Waste Paper
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Head Louse
Paisley Covered
Used Things
Meat Pie
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Meat Pie
Zinc + Magnesium + Calcium + Boron
go get yourself a brand new meat pie
stick it in the oven and then you say goodbye
super high powered laser beam
shoot it in your eyes until you start to turn green

a scalding four hundred nineteen degrees
a burning six hundred fifty degrees

now that your meat pies cooked all the way through
you stick it in your mouth and then you chew oh you chew
and the meat pie grows wings and it flies away
away away

a blazzing eight hundred forty degrees
a melting two thousand three hundred degrees
produced by:
Uncle Larry

recorded by:
Billy Judge Baldus & Garrick Malachi Karpinski at Grinnell Studios

mixed by:
Daniel Williams at Alpha/Omega Recording LLC

mastered by:
Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions

© 2009
  written by:
Billy Judge Baldus

guitar & vocals by:
Billy Judge Baldus

bass by:
Shane Frederick Wagner

drums by:
Garrick Malachi Karpinski

appears on:
The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar
Uncle Larry
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Uncle Larry
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